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Guide involvement



Guides play in key role in cheetah monitoring

Guides play in key role in cheetah monitoring

Whilst the Mara Ecosystem has a relatively high density of cheetahs, their camouflage and predominantly solitary nature often makes them difficult to find. Since the Mara is a relatively large place compared to the size of our team, camp guides play a key role in reporting and recording cheetah sightings. We are extremely grateful to those of you who help us find cheetahs on a regular basis.

Several guides have gone beyond reporting cheetah sightings and are now playing an active and central role in cheetah monitoring. The Mara Cheetah Project has provided a handful of guides with Panasonic Lumix cameras with GPS functionality for the guides to take on their game-drives. When the guide sees a cheetah and takes a photo, the photograph is automatically georeferenced which means that we not only know which cheetah was sighted but also where and when it was seen. These georeferenced photos help us to determine the number and spatial distribution of cheetahs in the Mara.

The Mara Cheetah Project provides training workshops for guides on how to identify cheetahs

The Mara Cheetah Project provides training workshops for guides on cheetah ecology and individual identification


We have visited numerous camps to conduct training workshops and presentations. The Mara Cheetah Project aims to provide guides with the skills to age and identify cheetahs and to answer questions relating to their ecology. Click here if you would like to find out more about cheetah identification.

If you would like to provide guides with the opportunity to play an active role in cheetah monitoring please feel free to make a donation so we can purchase additional cameras. Alternatively you can help us by sending us your cheetah photos.