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Report a cheetah sighting


By reporting a cheetah sighting you are helping us monitor the cheetahs in the Greater Mara Ecosystem.


Each cheetah has a unique spot pattern which we use to identify individuals. By sending in your photos you can help us estimate how many cheetahs are utilising the Greater Mara Ecosystem. Preferably we would like side-on profile shots, so we can clearly see the tail and body markings, but if this is not possible we appreciate any photos. Click here to find out how we identify individual cheetahs.


Whilst photos are a great help, a photo with GPS coordinates are 10x more valuable as it enables us to investigate the movement patterns and ranging behaviour of cheetahs in the Greater Mara Ecosystem. If you do not have a GPS unit, there are several apps that you can download for your smartphone that enable you to obtain GPS coordinates. Some examples are:


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