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Scientific Publications


Mara Cheetah Project publications (bold are MCP team members):

Broekhuis, F., Thuo, D.N. & Hayward M.W. (2017) Feeding ecology of cheetahs in the Maasai Mara, Kenya and the potential for intra- and interspecific competition. Journal of Zoology

Durant, S.M., Mitchell, N., Groom, R., Pettorelli, N., Ipavec, A., Jacobson, A.P., Woodroffe, R., et al including Broekhuis, F. (2017) The global decline of cheetah Acinonyx jubatus and what it means for conservationProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114, 528-533.

Broekhuis, F. & Gopalaswamy, A.M. (2016) Counting Cats: Spatially Explicit Population Estimates of Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) Using Unstructured Sampling Data. PLoS ONE, 11, e0153875.

Broekhuis, F. & Irungu, O. 2016. Role reversal: record of cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) kleptoparasitizing a kill from a spotted hyaena (Crocuta crocuta). African Journal of Ecology.

Broekhuis, F. 2015. Cat eats cat: leopard consumes an adult cheetah in the Maasai Mara Game Reserve, Kenya. CAT News 65, 33-34.

A selection of other publications produced by team members (bold are MCP team members):

Chaber, A., Cozzi, G., Broekhuis, F., Hartley, R. & McNutt, J.W. (2016) Serosurvey for selected viral pathogens among sympatric species of the African large predator guild in northern Botswana. Journal of Wildlife Diseases, in press.

Amimo, J.O., Thuo, D.N., Kamau, J.M., Kibegwa, F.M., Junga, J.O. & Githui, K.E. (2015) Population Viability Analysis of Black Rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis michaeli) in Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya. Journal of Biodiversity and Endangered Species, 3.

Durant, S. M., Becker, M. S., Creel, S., Bashir, S., Dickman, A. J., Beudels-Jamar, R. C., Lichtenfeld, L., Hilborn, R., Wall, J., Wittemyer, G., Badamjav, L., Blake, S., Boitani, L., Breitenmoser, C., Broekhuis, F., Christianson, D., Cozzi, G., Davenport, T. R. B., Deutsch, J., Devillers, P., Dollar, L., Dolrenry, S., Douglas-Hamilton, I., Dröge, E., FitzHerbert, E., Foley, C., Hazzah, L., Hopcraft, J. G. C., Ikanda, D., Jacobson, A., Joubert, D., Kelly, M. J., Milanzi, J., Mitchell, N., M’Soka, J., Msuha, M., Mweetwa, T., Nyahongo, J., Rosenblatt, E., Schuette, P., Sillero-Zubiri, C., Sinclair, A. R. E., Stanley Price, M. R., Zimmermann, A., and Pettorelli, N. 2015. Developing fencing policies for dryland ecosystems. Journal of Applied Ecology.

Broekhuis, F., Grünewälder, S., McNutt, J. W. & Macdonald, D. W. 2014. Optimal hunting conditions drive circa-lunar behaviour of a diurnal carnivore. Behavioral Ecology.

Broekhuis, F., Cozzi, G., Valeix, M., McNutt, J. W. & Macdonald, D. W. 2013. Risk avoidance in sympatric large carnivores: reactive or predictive? Journal of Animal Ecology, 82, 1098-1105.

Cozzi, G., Broekhuis, F., McNutt, J. W. & Schmid, B. 2013. Comparison of the effects of artificial and natural barriers on large African carnivores: Implications for interspecific relationships and connectivity. Journal of Animal Ecology, 82, 707-715.

Cozzi, G., Broekhuis, F., McNutt, J. W. & Schmid, B. 2013. Density and habitat use of lions and spotted hyenas in northern Botswana and the influence of survey and ecological variables on call-in survey estimation. Biodiversity and Conservation, 22, 2937–2956.

Broekhuis, F. 2012. Niche segregation by cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) as a mechanism for co-existence with lion (Panthera leo) and spotted hyaena (Crocuta crocuta). D.Phil thesis, University of Oxford.

Cozzi, G., Broekhuis, F.*, McNutt, J. W., Turnbull, L. A., Macdonald, D. W. & Schmid, B. 2012. Fear of the dark or dinner by moonlight? Reduced temporal partitioning among Africa’s large carnivores. Ecology, 93, 2590 – 2599.

Grünewälder, S., Broekhuis, F., Macdonald, D. W., Wilson, A. M., McNutt, J. W., Shawe-Taylor, J. & Hailes, S. 2012. Movement activity based classification of animal behaviour with an application to data from cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus). PLoS ONE, 7, e49120.

Pettorelli, N., Hilborn, A., Broekhuis, F. & Durant, S. M. 2009. Exploring habitat use by cheetahs using ecological niche factor analysis. Journal of Zoology, 277, 141 – 148.

Broekhuis, F. 2007. Habitat selection patterns of cheetahs Acinonyx jubatus in the Serengeti, Tanzania. MSc thesis, University of London.

* Shared first authorship